Awake and Thriving

The Role of Chiropractic Care in Overall Wellness

June 11, 2020 Andria Ryder Episode 3
Awake and Thriving
The Role of Chiropractic Care in Overall Wellness
Show Notes

Meet Dr. Lisel Lewis, a doctor of chiropractic and an experienced birth doula of over 20 natural births. She found a love for chiropractic when it was used on her to heal her tennis injury pains that occurred from competitive tennis playing. She describes chiropractic as a way she gets adjusted regularly to keep her happy and healthy in a natural way. 

In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Dr. Lewis as she talks about the importance of chiro care while pregnant. She also shares the role she plays as both a doula and chiropractic to adjust pregnant women through the necessary phases and help with safe natural births.

Listen in to understand the role and importance of a chiropractor for your overall health.

What you will learn:

·         [0:30] Intro

·         [1:01] She explains how she first got interested in chiropractic and being a doula and fell in love with it.

·         [3:51] The process of the pelvis expansion that happens during pregnancy which may or may not come back to normal after birth.

·         [4:48] The importance of chiro care while pregnant. And the difference between a pregnancy and non-pregnancy adjustments.

·         [7:04] Dr. Lewis describes the three-phase adjustment process she uses on pregnant women- the scar tissue phase, the posture phase, and the strengthening phase. 

·         [9:00] What to expect on your first visit with the chiropractor.

·         [11:35] Why you need to know and try other alternatives to prescription medicine. 

·         [13:00] She names the fields of medicine that work together with chiropractic.

·         [14:42] Things that people misunderstand about the chiropractic profession.

·         [16:36] How are wellness professionals going to incorporate what they do to show patients the need for all of them as a team?

·         [20:41] How the cold laser therapy stimulates the mitochondria to regrow damaged tissue like removing pain from varicose veins.  

·         [24:37] The importance of asking your chiropractor why they’re doing certain adjustments on you. 

·         [28:14] She defines what wellness means to her and how to achieve it. 

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