Awake and Thriving

Nutrition in Your Overall Health with Julie E. Licensed Dietitian

July 09, 2020 Andria Ryder Episode 7
Awake and Thriving
Nutrition in Your Overall Health with Julie E. Licensed Dietitian
Show Notes

Julie E. , MPH, RD is a holistic health expert, registered dietitian, and functional medicine practitioner with 30+ years of experience. She has a passion for helping people improve their health with her infinite tool chest of natural remedies. Her international practice includes parents, kids, pets, and celebrity athletes. 

In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Julie about the importance of nutrition in your body. She talks about the benefits of supplements in a diet plus all the hidden facts that you need to know before purchasing any supplements from the market.

Listen in to learn about the anti-aging process that Julie takes her clients through and your contribution that makes it successful. You will also learn about body stress and trauma that prevents it from healing.

“A lot of people are 50 or 60 years old and have never cleansed their organs akin to giving themselves an oil change. The more times you do that, you run better and you can handle more pollution, more smog, more food dye, and more food pollution if they’re in your food.”- Julie E [17:33]

What you will learn:

·         [0:30] Intro

·         [1:34] She explains the importance of taking a diet that works for your body while still taking the healthiest diet in general across the board.

·         [6:46] How supplements are designed to supplement your diet with nutrients that you might be missing in your food.

·         [8:36] The problems with supplements brands- the scamming that is going on in that industry that you need to be cautious about.

·         [13:16] Julie mentions some of the clean supplements brands and how she uses the QRA to determine if products are good or bad.

·         [16:33] How to anti-age your body by keeping your main detox organs optimized at all times and what Julie uses in her anti-aging treatment.

·         [19:36] Why you need to keep in mind that healing and anti-aging is a process and not a one-day event. 

·         [22:51] The systemic positive changes that your body will experience when you treat one part. 

·         [26:02] She explains in detail the unseen body trauma that prevents healing. 

·         [29:17] The stress that your electronic devices cause to your body.

·         [32:44] She mentions where to get the EMS stickers to put on your device to protect you from radiation and body stress. 

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