Awake and Thriving

Healing Your Body from Fitness Extremes w/ Amber Fokken

July 16, 2020 Andria Ryder Season 1 Episode 8
Awake and Thriving
Healing Your Body from Fitness Extremes w/ Amber Fokken
Show Notes

Amber Fokken is the creator of ADO fitness, ADO band, Protea,  a certified personal trainer, and the author of Hippie Eats. She is passionate about leading an authentically healthy lifestyle after experiencing extreme nutrition and fitness advice early on in her career.

In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks to Amber as she shares about her passion for helping people heal from fitness extremes. She also shares her journey from a extreme bodybuilder to a holistic fitness trainer and how that changed her perspective on fitness for the better.

Listen in to learn the importance of undertaking in-depth research before committing to any diet no matter how healthy it is deemed. You will also learn how to heal internally with what you eat.

“I try to offer this better way because I want most girls who are vulnerable, who are just getting into the fitness journey to not fall into the hands of a coach that gives them years of trouble because of what they did.”- Amber Fokken [4:47] 

What you will learn:

·       [0:31] Intro

·       [1:41] She talks about her social media authenticity journey.

·       [3:07] Why she decided to share about reverse dieting when following a fitness journey or competition. 

·       [5:51] How she learned to heal herself from fitness extremes and became passionate about helping others heal too.

·       [7:09] She explains in detail why she doesn’t identify as either a vegan or vegetarian and believes that people shouldn’t put restraints in their diets.

·       [9:32] Why you should conduct due research before embarking on any type of diet including the healthy plant-based diet. 

·       [11:02] Why she believes that plant-based diet is becoming more popular together with ethical protein consumption.

·       [13:28] She explains the resources she utilized to educate herself on better health and fitness methods.

·       [17:02] How she allowed her body to heal especially after her pregnancy which was of great help on her journey.

·       [21:04] How her fitness idol inspired her to not only be physically healthy but take control of her life.

·       [26:31] Why a mental compliment over a physical compliment was the best she ever received.

·       [29:01] Understanding that internal health is from what you put in your mouth- think of the importance of micro nutrients in your body.

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