Awake and Thriving

How to Protect and Heal Your Energy for Holistic Health

August 01, 2020
Awake and Thriving
How to Protect and Heal Your Energy for Holistic Health
Show Notes

How to Protect and Heal Your Energy for Holistic Health.

Julie E , MPH, RD is a holistic health expert, registered dietitian, and functional medicine practitioner with 30+ years of experience. She has a passion for helping people improve their health with her infinite tool chest of natural remedies. Her international practice includes parents, kids, pets, and celebrity athletes. 

In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Julie about energy healing and the problems with the current medical industry. She explains how we’re tricked into believing negativity about the holistic health approach which is not true.

Listen in to learn more about biofields and how minerals like ocean saltwater can be used to keep them strong. You will also learn the importance of trying something new in holistic health care.

“Your sleep, your emotional body, your physical body, your nutrition; all of those create who you are. So, you really do need to look at the whole picture and that is technically the definition of holistic health and holistic medicine” - Julie E [12:46]

What you will learn:

·       [1:13] She explains why energy healing is the future of medicine. 

·       [6:23] How the pandemic is pointing out the corrupt ways of the current healthcare industry.

·       [14:27] Why Julie uses the non-traditional labs where she pays for her tests out of her pocket. 

·       [17:53] The difference between what is quality and what is not and how we’re brainwashed into believing doctors know it all.

·       [20:41] How we’re getting tricked into believing that the holistic nontraditional things can harm us.

·       [28:35] The power of trying something new- trying one holistic modality.

·       [30:44] Biofeedback and biofield explained. How to keep your biofields strong using minerals and electrolytes.  The negative impacts of 5G and how to heal yourself from it.

·       [41:55] How to strengthen your body and environment to block 5G energy and heal from it.

·       [43:01] The best time for lymph and organ detox and a toxic-free program that helps clean and remove toxins off your body.

·       [50:03] Learn to try something new and discover your healing. 

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