Awake and Thriving

Natural Healing: The Healing Aspect of Essential Oils with Dr. Lindsey Elmore

August 13, 2020 Andria Ryder
Awake and Thriving
Natural Healing: The Healing Aspect of Essential Oils with Dr. Lindsey Elmore
Show Notes

Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a pharmacist turned natural wellness educator, a certified yoga instructor, and emotional release educator. She’s taught in 40 countries and 4 continents with the intent to put the soul back to pharmacy and western healthcare. 

In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Dr. Lindsey shares her journey from a pharmacist to a natural wellness educator who advocates for essential oil healing as well. She also shares how she’s living her best life by combining her passion for acting with science to create a career she loves.

Listen in to understand why you’re the only person that can fight for what you want and get to live a life of happiness. You will learn the benefits of essential oils and what type to use and for both emotional and physical healing.

“Don’t be afraid that you’re not good enough, be afraid that you’re actually scared to live your best life.”- Dr. Lindsey [27:53]

What you will learn:

·       [0:31] Intro

·       [1:29] She describes the events that opened her eyes to essential oils, learning more about it, making it a business strategy, and now teaching it to other pharmacists. 

·       [8:46] The impact of mindfulness and wellness for medical practitioners to eliminate empathy fatigue for them to honor the humanity of their patients.

·       [15:48] The misleading beliefs of chiropractic care. The need for courage from chiropractors to continue doing the good work amid all the negativity. 

·       [22:06] How to think of this very moment as a way to reduce stress even if it’s just for a few minutes.

·       [25:36] The power of being yourself and fighting to live your best life.

·       [29:17] How Dr. Lindsey has combined her passion for acting with science which is her field of study to make a happy life for herself. 

·       [34:48] When women get to advocate for themselves, accept who they fully are, and surround themselves with people who support them.

·       [38:37] The enneagram test and how it will help you get to know your personality and of those around you.

·       [42:22] The types of essential oils and their benefits in your overall physical and emotional impact.

·       [50:49] Her trusted recommendation list of supplements and vitamin companies.

·       [54:35] The magical taste of a tomato sandwich according to Dr. Lindsey.

·       [59:09] Some of her interesting books recommendation. 

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