Awake and Thriving

Optimizing Fertility Health 101 Using Naturopathic Medicine

November 05, 2020 Andria Ryder
Awake and Thriving
Optimizing Fertility Health 101 Using Naturopathic Medicine
Show Notes

Meet Dr. Ji Woon, a Canadian licensed naturopathic doctor specializing in women’s health. She treats the whole person by focusing on the body’s innate intelligence to heal using clinical nutrition, lifestyle medicine, strategic supplementation of nutraceuticals, botanical medicine, and homeopathy to restore balance.

In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Dr.  Ji Woon about fertility and infertility in both women and men. She explains the importance of a regular menstrual cycle in determining egg health and eventually treating infertility.

Listen in to learn the steps you need to take to protect your fertility health for both men and women. You will also learn how to increase progesterone levels in your body- the hormone responsible for maintaining a pregnancy. 

“To achieve optimal fertility, we need to have a regular cycle, if the period is irregular and we cannot expect when to have sex to have a baby, then that is going to be a problem.”- Dr.  Ji Woon [10:42]

What you will learn:

·       [1:19] Dr.  Ji Woon describes the thorough menstrual cycle assessment she conducts on women as part of the first step of treatment.

·       [3:38] How taking basic health steps during her pregnancy drove her to her path of healing ITP completely.

·       [7:56] How PCOS and hyperthyroidism  and other conditions that affect fertility levels in women. 

·       [11:49] How basal body temperature guides the doctor with more targeted fertility treatments. 

·       [14:22] She describes the two phases of the menstrual cycle- follicular and luteal phase and how they determine the health of the egg.

·       [15:37] The importance of progesterone-making nutrients like magnesium B6 which will in turn help you get pregnant.  

·       [17:52] Why you should take the FSH, LH, and estrogen blood tests to test for fertility levels and when they should be done.

·       [20:45] Why the 5-MTHF folate is better than folic acid when it comes to improving fertility health.

·       [23:39] Understanding where a woman’s cramps are triggered from- improper diet and other health issues.

·       [25:51] Dr.  Ji Woon explains why she’s not a fan of birth control pills due to their long-term negative effects on bodies.

·       [28:37] How naturopathic medicine helps your body work smarter and better for you.

·       [30:10] The importance of men getting tested for fertility because 50% of all cases of infertility is male infertility.

·       [32:55] The little small steps you need to take to protect your fertility for both men and women.

·       [34:50] The health benefits of having sexual intercourse regularly that you probably didn’t know about.


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