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How to Manage Chronic Traumatic Stress w/ Dr. Alice Kerby

November 19, 2020 Andria Ryder
Awake and Thriving
How to Manage Chronic Traumatic Stress w/ Dr. Alice Kerby
Show Notes

Meet Dr. Alice Kerby, a doctor of Physical Therapy and Somatic Trauma practitioner. She’s passionate about restoring movement in her patients and sees profound results and success with a wide range of ages and conditions. 

In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Dr. Alice about chronic traumatic stress and how it affects the body. She describes certain practices that you can apply when in stressful situations to allow the stress to settle and avoid going into chronic stress.

Listen in to learn the importance of building a resilient nervous system to help get rid of past chronic trauma patterns that stop you from feeling more yourself. 

“If we’re able to build resiliency in the nervous system it means we’re building resiliency up for chronic stress and being able to respond better when stuff happens that’s out of our control.”- Dr. Alice [12:39]

What you will learn:

·       [0:55] Dr. Alice explains how the body is designed to respond to stressful situations and how that transforms into chronic stress which is a major problem. 

·       [5:00] The techniques you need to practice to allow stress response to settle to avoid chronic stress.

·       [6:48] Somatic experiencing- allowing a person to feel what’s happening to their body when they undergo traumatic situations.

·       [11:54] How to build resilience in the nervous system by clearing out past chronic trauma patterns to feel more yourself. 

·       [15:48] Learning to be aware of what your conscious mind is doing and what is happening to your body around that.

·       [16:47] The importance of changing your language to something motivational that allows you to work and take rest when the need comes.

·       [23:24] Dr. Alice takes us through an exercise to allow us to feel our whole body by engaging all of our five senses.

·       [29:18] She talks about the best compliment she’s received recently and the book she’s been reading. 

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