Awake and Thriving

Listen to Your Body: Organs Health and Natural Treatment

December 03, 2020 Andria Ryder
Awake and Thriving
Listen to Your Body: Organs Health and Natural Treatment
Show Notes

Meet Jillian Rifkind, an acupuncturist and Eastern Asia bodyworker who specializes in nutritional therapy using traditional foods and supplements, healing musculoskeletal pain through meridian balancing and gentle movements, and improving mental health and vitality.

In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Jillian about visceral manipulation therapy and how organs can create physiological pain in other parts of our bodies. She explains the need to listen to your body and address the underlying problem instead of taking drugs that only take away the pain.

Listen in to learn the benefits of not eating inflammatory foods for your overall organ health. You will also learn about sound healing which is using a body’s vibrations to tell it to transmit things better.  

“Looking inward and listening to our body and finding things to balance and harmonize can be really important.”- Jillian [27:37] 

What you will learn:

·       [1:36] Jillian explains her background in visceral manipulation, acupuncture, and how to use the body from a functional perspective.

·       [3:49] The stress we create in our organs that create physiological pain and why movement can be helpful.

·       [5:47] The importance of taking inflammatory foods off your diet for your organ health.

·       [9:48] How fixations in the internal organs system create discomfort or pain in other body parts.

·       [13:38] She explains the method she uses to analyze patient’s conditions which might include therapy or listening techniques.

·       [16:10] Sound healing definition, benefits, and the sessions that Jillian does with her patients which range from one to many depending on individual problems.

·       [27:06] The importance of listening to your body and looking for things to balance in the inside plus addressing the underlying problem, not relying on painkillers.

·       [23:32] She talks about her current read which is Breathless by James Nestor and its discussion on the health benefits of mouth taping.

·       [31:16] The nutritional benefits of eating meat which helps fuel the body in ways that plant-based meals can’t and how climatic conditions affects what our bodies need. 

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