Awake and Thriving

The Best Ways to Utilize Nature's Cure with WendyLeigh White

March 11, 2021 Andria Ryder Season 2
Awake and Thriving
The Best Ways to Utilize Nature's Cure with WendyLeigh White
Show Notes

Meet WendyLeigh White, a practicing licensed naturopathic doctor and nutritionist for over 10 years. She empowers her patients to understand the interconnected systems of their bodies and their specific needs.

In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with WendyLeigh about the meaning of naturopathic and 'nature cure' medicine. She explains how she teaches her patients to tune in to the signals of their bodies, psychologically and physiologically.


Listen in to learn the importance of listening to your body to understand your stress levels and how they’re impacting you. You will also learn the benefits of living in alignment with your unique design to feel and live better.


“We’re designed well, and we will feel better if we live within our design most often.”- WendyLeigh [33:31]


What you will learn:


· [1:11] The difference between a naturopathic doctor (ND) and an MD different US states.

· [4:16] WendyLeigh explains all the details that are involved during her patient’s first office visit.

· [5:46] Why most of America’s population has low vitamin D.

· [7:35] Take the right steps to age well and not follow in your family’s unwanted medical footprints.

· [12:13] How your childhood experiences impact who you become and the choices you make as an adult.

· [14:54] Understanding the deeper meaning of stress to your body and its relation to sleep.

· [20:02] How to “Tune in to Your Body” and understand how stress shows up for you.

· [21:53] How to use nature cure to align your body and help it stimulate its ability to heal.

· [25:09] How to practice mindful eating to see its effects and make decisions based on those effects.

· [32:29] The importance of living within the design of your body to feel better.

· [33:50] WendyLeigh describes the program philosophy of weight-neutral, Health at Every Size, which takes the focus off of weight and looks at all choices in life that can contribute to health and not size.

· [40:11] The mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical factors that contribute to your food choices.

· [43:00] She talks about her own personal treatment with Chinese medicine, plus her views on supplementation.

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