Awake and Thriving

The Only Hangry to Healthy Resource You Will Ever Need!

March 25, 2021 Andria Ryder Season 2
Awake and Thriving
The Only Hangry to Healthy Resource You Will Ever Need!
Show Notes

Meet Amy White, a board certified holistic nutritionist, and health and body coach. She teaches all frustrated, sugar-loving, calorie cutters how to ditch the dieting and eat for the body and health they want.

In this episode of the Awake and Thriving Podcast, Andria speaks with Amy about the keto diet as a perfect diet for weight loss even though it’s high fat. She explains the different types of diets, how they each impact your body, and why you should eat according to your body and health needs. 

Listen in to learn why the right food for your body will cause you to naturally eat less which makes losing weight and maintaining your weight loss just a normal part of living your everyday life.

“You want to be metabolically adapted to using fuel.”- Amy [49:53]

What you will learn:

·       [1:29] Amy explains the types of people who work well with a keto diet and those who slide to low carb.

·       [4:10] She explains the difference between keto, carnivore, and low carb diets.

·       [6:09] Understanding keto diet as an extreme low sugar, low carb, and high-fat diet.

·       [14:52] The benefits of sufficient protein intake for weight loss and maintaining a keto diet. 

·       [18:45] Understanding the carnivore diet as an all-meat diet and when you should consider it.

·       [20:54] Amy explains how to naturally do intermittent fasting and balance it with feasting. 

·       [26:23] The importance of recognizing what’s happening on the inside of your body, not just the outside.

·       [33:43] Understanding how to use food to communicate to your body. 

·       [41:41] Understanding the good and bad metabolic adaptations and what each one means to your body. 

·       [47:35] How to get metabolically adapted to using different fuel sources to manage your hunger.

·       [52:00] She explains how she helps boost meals for people who ‘don’t get hungry’

·       [54:19] The difference between nutrients hunger and hedonic hunger. 

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